I have a link for pre-orders of my new book in my profile! #oink2015 #mueller #bigpigink #graphicnovel

The glamorous life…some days it’s robots and monsters, some days it’s flora.

Da’ angels O’ mercy! #oink2015

A little tease from my next project! I’m so excited!

The light at the end of the tunnel, home stretch on OINK 2015 last few pages on deck. #oink2015 #oink #mueller #bigpigink

Live blogging on snapchat showing a little of my super secret project which will be announced next month- my handle is skyshinegames. I’ve been inspired by snaps from folks and adding them into these characters. #sketchdaily #sketch #bysantine #moodring #megaboy #whitesnake #instart

I have a super secret new project I’m going to be doing some fun stuff on Snapchat next month during our reveal. Giving away some really cool art I’ve done amongst other fun things. You can add me skyshinegames #snapchat #shhh #secret

Go follow the amazing @seanrowe11 , if you haven’t heard his music you can check out his new video for Shine My Diamond Ring on you tube, or listen to his first two studio albums on Spotify. One of the most exciting artists in music at the moment! #seanrowe #seanrowemusic #sketch #sketchdaily #art #instart #diamondring #musician #portrait

John Mueller is an award winning author, illustrator, and game developer. He is the creator of OINK, a popular graphic novel that put him on the map in the 90’s will be back again in 2015. John spent 5 years working on this new edition which he describes as ‘The most Epic thing he’s ever done.” He is a pioneer in the field of digital art and has worked with some of the biggest studios and personalities in game development. He likes making cool stuff and plans to do that until his hands and his brain are no longer responsive.

Im so excited to give my wife her birthday presents tomorrow. I’ve done some amazing trades with some Instagram superstars. I finally got them all framed. I’ve been working on this collection for the past 6 months! Thanks to everyone who has traded with me! @jasonminauro @tyjones78 @bags43 @lordofscandal @bobdob @isteef @stevendailyart. I had grown dubious of social networks but with Instagram I have really found something awesome, it inspires me every day and I’ve been able to connect with artists from all around the globe…has there ever been a better time to be an artist!